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Just another (mostly) Gintama blog

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My place to post Gintama related stuff
I made this community to post about Gintama, well, because I would just rather post what I want where I can be reasonably sure that I would not be a bother to anyone. And I might post about other Shounen JUMP series here, too (it's probably unavoidable anyway, considering that Gintama likes to parody other JUMP series). Nothing much here yet, probably not until I get around to typing up what I have written in notebooks. I probably won't update regularly either--I might end up posting ten entries in one day (hopefully not. If I have that much I want to talk about, I would probably space the entries out over a few days) and go for weeks without an update (hopefully not, now that I finally have a place I'm more comfortable posting Gintama entries). For the time being, I don't see myself locking anything here, but that might change in the future.

Why "Kanaratama", if anyone is actually interested? That's a secret for now. ^^ (It's already obvious that the name has to do with Gintama, though I wonder if anyone will ever guess the whole reason? No prize or anything, however.)

Comments (of all kinds--I don't need to hear only the positive) are very welcome and would make my day, but of course you are free to just read. And if anyone wants to, feel free to add (or unadd) at will. (I'll assume that you like Gintama and don't mind the type of entry I post if you do add this comm--check here for the previous Gintama entries I posted on my own journal.) In any case, thank you for visiting and reading this page. :)