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Trying my hand at commenting on the manga arc, which corresponds to episodes 262-264. This not-really summary (which is not objective at all, why do you ask?) was written some time last year, however, so no anime acknowledgment. Lots of spoilers.

Chapters: 403Collapse ) 404Collapse ) 405Collapse ) 406Collapse ) 407Collapse ) 408Collapse ) 409Collapse ) 410Collapse )

Anime's state of affair. A few comparisons between the anime episodes and the manga chapters referenced above.Collapse )

Reading manga again. Oblique reference to the newest complete manga arc.Collapse )

Some comments on episode 265. Spoilers.Collapse )

P.S. It's Mitsuba's birthday today. Kind of feel weird to make a birthday wish, though. And I forgot Rou's birthday... (Oh, Sorachi-sensei's was yesterday. Thanks for your hard work. :)

Keisei Arc so far (Gintama Episodes 259-260):
Family Dearest
I was a bit behind on the current Gintama arc, but managed to catch up to the latest episode (episode 260) over the weekend so thought I'd write something down. However, I forget much of what happened in episode 258 already (since I watched it earlier), so nothing on that other than it was just so very funny (in so many places) and cheered me up when I needed it.

Spoilers, though kind of general impressions more than specifics. And not one word on the main characters. To sum it up, I like the arc, but not as much as Four Devas.Collapse )

Don't know what else to say. Many of the good points are already covered elsewhere and most likely better than I can articulate right now.

Tomorrow is the final episode of this arc (so 5 episodes total; I was off by one episode). I wonder if they can fill a full episode since most of the plot threads seem to already be taken care of.

Gintama' Enchousen 5 (Gintama Episode 257)
Pop Art Kagura
Since this episode is apparently a start of an arc lasting six episodes, I didn't plan to watch it yet. But somehow I did watch anyway, so...

A few impressions that probably make no sense without having seen the episode.Collapse )

Ah, not much to say. Don't know if I'll have any patience to watch week by week, but I might end up doing that. It depends. This is a good start of an arc in any case.

Gintama' Enchousen Rerun 1 (original: Gintama Episode 136).
Let's Go Out; Kin-san
Okay, this Madao episode. I never did get it when I saw it the first time around. And now, 120 episodes later, I still don't get it.

An episode summary that hardly makes sense and is far from objective.Collapse )

Maybe I'm just really dense, but I can't really make sense out of any of the above, especially the ending...

Now, my random comments on the episode.Collapse )

Everyone is talking about the new materials, so maybe I don't need to comment on them. ^^; [But here's a quick one:]But here's a quick one: I'm going to be sheep and say I really like the Sadaharu car/limo. :) And hey, apparently the progress on the second movie is going nowhere, no thanks to the gorilla author (that's what the subs call him -- I didn't invent that, honest).

Not sure if I will have time to watch every episode of the rerun. But I think I'll watch the next one at least since I haven't yet seen Hijikata-san outside of the OP this season....

And, just picked up volume 40 of the translated manga (after like almost half a year of no new volume). Don't know when I'll get around to reading it, but the chapters are all the episodes from the previous season (episodes [237, 238]237, 238 (Shogun goes skiing), [228, 229]228, 229 (Love Choris), [230] 230 (Cellphone)), and I think I already wrote about some of them at least.

This entry is about Gintama episode 256, yet it is not really...
Pop Art Kagura
One irrelevant observation on episode 256Collapse )

And Happy Birthday, Kagura. :)

Finished Gintama (episodes 253-256)
Kintoki arc is done, and, gee, I don't want to see it again. (And that's not a mistake. Kintoki arc. It's about Kintoki in Gintama world.)

Warning: strongly worded rant about this arc.

You have been warned.Collapse )

EDIT: Happy Birthday, Otae. I never got to wish it last year, so, sorry about that...

EDIT EDIT: It's obvious my (perhaps tasteless) joke won't fool anyone now since I'm back posting stuff. ^^;;

Gintama episode 254 (Gintama' Enchousen 2)
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As I mentioned in the previous entry, I'm taking a break from Gintama anime watching. For a few weeks, at least. So this episode is the last one I've seen at the moment. And I want to get my thoughts down before I forget.

Boring town; Kintoki; TamaCollapse )

EDIT: I like that later episodes contradict me. :)

EDIT EDIT: I've finished this arc (up to episode 256) (yes, my resolution lasted shorter than I stated ^^;;), so there are spoilers in the comments.

Random Kintama-related stuff
Sadaharu & Gin-san
I don't think there is one Gintama fan who has not heard of Kintama, but I suppose I'm not going to be happy if I don't get to cut my short entry...

a maybe Kintama fic; not watching arc nowCollapse )

TVTrope entry; Gin-san's dark sideCollapse )

Farewell Gintama Anime
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(The following was written back in May, so some of the things no longer apply. But I leave most of my reactions the way I wrote them since I want a record of how I felt at the time.)

I've finished watching Gintama', so here are season wrap-up impressions of uneven lengths and qualities.

(And...I'll be honest here. If somehow someone reading this wishes to remain absolutely unspoiled about anime episodes (and even some parts of the manga (mostly speculations on my part) further along than the anime), please don't read further. I don't want to be the one spoiling anything for you.)

Eps. 232-236Collapse )
Eps. 237-238Collapse )
Eps. 239-240Collapse )
Eps. 241-242Collapse )
Eps. 243Collapse )
Eps. 244-247Collapse )

Imaginary conversation between Gin-san and me.Collapse )

Well, time froze between the above and the following conversation: Gintama episode 253 (Gintama' Enchousen 1) spoilersCollapse )

EDIT: Well, I did remember Gin-san's birthday, but the wish is kind of buried in this long entry so I'll put it out here. Happy Birthday, Gin-san. :)

EDIT EDIT: And I'm just going to correct it right here. According to Gintama Wikia, Otae has beaten Rou before. The only one seems to be able to escape her abuse so far is Katsura-san. Man...

Gintama Episode 231
EDIT: I thought I might get closure by posting, but it doesn't appear to work all that much, so this is definitely the last time I'll touch this entry. Sorry if anyone has to see this as the first thing here, because I don't usually put myself too much into talking about fandom...

Conflicting feelings.Collapse )


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